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Hi! My name is Noman Bashir, and I’m a systems researcher focusing on energy efficiency and sustainability of large-scale computing and cyber-physical systems. I am pursuing my Ph.D. at Sustainable Computing Lab, University of Massachusetts Amherst with Prof. David Irwin.

I recently concluded my engagement with Google, Inc. as a Student Researcher.
I worked with Nan Deng and Krzysztof Rzadca on resource management in Borg, a cluster management system used inside Google.

Previously, I worked as Research Assosciate at Advanced Communication (AdCom)
with Prof. Naveed-ul-Hassan on enhancing the cost- and energy efficiency of cyber-physical systems with battery backups. I also worked as Research Engineer at Systems and Networks (SysNet)
with Prof. Affan A. Syed on an MSR-funded project focusing on developing novel demand response solutions for the stressed grids of energy deprived countries.

If you want to reach out to me, you can do it via LinkedIn, GitHub, or nbashir@umass.edu.