Noman Bashir

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LGRC A313, UMass Amherst

I am a Research Fellow at the Laboratory for Advanced System Software (LASS), University of Massachusetts (UMass) Amherst working with Prof. Prashant Shenoy. I recently completed my Ph.D. in Computer Engineering at Sustainable Computing Lab, UMass Amherst where I was advised by Prof. David Irwin.

I design sustainable, equitable, and explainable systems. My research leverages machine learning, system design and prototyping, and computer science theory, and revolves around the following questions:

  1. How can we design and operate carbon-efficient systems?
  2. How do we transition to sustainable systems in an equitable manner?
  3. How do we model and predict the performance of environmentally-powered systems?

For more details, please see my CV or my Google scholar page.

My current research work is funded by a joint National Science Foundation (NSF) and VMWare grant titled CarbonFirst. My PhD research was supported by multiple NSF grants (CNS-1645952, IIP-1534080, CNS-1405826, CNS-1505422, CNS-1253063, ) and Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources.

  • 09/2022: Our paper titled "Data-driven Decarbonization of Residential Heating Systems" got accepted to ACM BuildSys'22.
  • 06/2022: Our paper titled "Sustainable Computing - Without the Hot Air" got accepted to HotCarbon'22 (co-located with OSDI'22).
  • 11/2021: Delivered a talk on enabling sustainable clouds at ACM SoCC.
  • 05/2021: New paper on waiting policies for cloud-enabled schedulers accepted to IEEE TPDS.
  • 04/2021: Delivered a talk on resource overcommittment in Google datacenters at ACM EuroSys (talk recordings: short, long)

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